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    Teaching Workshop Held to Enhance Popularity and Effectiveness of Ideology and Politics Courses

    Source of information: Release date: 2014-10-28 Browse the number:

    On Oct. 25, 2014, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHS) held a teaching workshop about the course of Introduction to Maoism and the Theoretical Framework of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (IMTFSCC). This is their second workshop this term designed to make theoretical courses of ideology and politics more popular and effective. School leaders and teachers of departments of ideology and politics, of history, and of Maxism attended the meeting.

    At the workshop, teachers who are to teach IMTFSCC in the latter half of the term described their teaching designs for specific chapters and demonstrated their course PPTs. During the ensuing discussion, suggestions were made in a specific and concrete way. It is a shared belief that class design is the key to improving the effect of ideology and politics courses. Teachers should be aware of students’ concerns in real life and incorporate them into their selection of course topics.

    Ma Xiaobin, Party Secretary of SHS, affirmed the value of building quality courses through group class preparation. He said that IMTFSCC should be linked to the thoughts and mentality among students and build up the students’ closeness to Chinese-styled socialism theoretically, practically, and emotionally. Yan Lianfu, Vice Dean, spoke positively of the Seminar-Research-Interaction teaching approach practiced by teachers in the Department of Politics and urged them to make finer selection of the special topics so as to arouse students’ interest in the course. Wang Hongbo, Dean, proposed that the latest developments of Chinese-styled socialism be incorporated into the conduction of IMTFSCC and that teachers bring into full play the mutual support of teaching and research, building the theoretical courses into advantageous courses.

    Translated and Edited by MTI Education Center, XJTU