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    XJTU Student Wins Top Prize in English Speech Competition

    Source of information: Release date: 2014-11-03 Browse the number:

    On Nov. 1, 2014, Cai Ting, a student from XJTU, won the Special Prize in the provincial competition of 2014 FLTRP National English Speech Contest and advanced into the national final to be held in Beijing in mid-December. Meanwhile, Zou Haojing, the tutor, was awarded the Special Prize for Tutorship.

    FLTRP National Speech Contest, launched in 2002, is acclaimed as the most authoritative, professional and influential English speech event in China, with the longest history and the widest participation. It is co-sponsored by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP), the National Advisory Committee on Foreign Languages Teaching in Higher Education, and the National Advisory Committee on Teaching English as a Major in Higher Education.

    In this year’s provincial contest, orators from 44 universities in Shaanxi took part in two rounds of competition. In the first round, they delivered a 3-minute prepared speech about Change the Unchangeable and answered questions from the judges; 15 top scorers in the first round entered the second round, in which they made an impromptu speech about various topics including adjustability of culture in the current time, impact of high technology on modern life, etc. before they addressed the judges’ questions.

    To many people’s surprise, Cai Ting, the top prize winner, is not an English major and this is his debut in the provincial contest. He has taken the course of English Public Speaking and made intensive preparation with his tutor. During the contest, he has distinguished himself with a combination of effective speech skills, wide range of knowledge and passionate style.

    Translated and Edited by MTI Education Center,XJTU