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    Teaching Seminar Takes Place in New Form

    Source of information: Release date: 2014-11-10 Browse the number:

    With joint efforts of School of Mechanical Engineering and Teacher’s Teaching Development Center (TTDC), a seminar was launched on Nov. 5th, 2014 about teaching methodology of two basic courses offered by the school. Attendants included over 60 teachers from School of Mechanical Engineering and experts from TTDS.

    The teaching seminar adopted a novel form. First, three junior teachers of engineering drawing each gave a 15-minute lecture about size marking. Then, a discussion was conducted about strengths and weaknesses of the trial lectures and suggestions were made. Finally, a demo lecture was given by a model teacher about the same topic. The same procedure was used to explore the class designs of gears in basics to mechanical design.

    Teachers of engineering drawing are giving trial and demo lectures.

    Teachers of mechanical design basics are giving trial and demo lectures.

    During the discussion, suggestions were put forward in a candid and concrete way. Chen Xiaonan said that in engineering drawing, teachers must help students cultivate and adopt a perspective of engineering. Xi Yanhui commented that teachers should maintain effective interaction with students by adjusting their speech in terms of speed, rhythm, intonation, etc., by keeping eye contact and by using model aids.

    While observing others’ class, teachers began to reflect on their own teaching methods and sought for improvement. “Xu Dan’s demo lecture is clearly organized and presented,” said Shi Xiaojun, a junior teacher, “she made very clear shape analysis when she taught size marking of complexes.” The seminar was of value to senior teachers as well. “To be frank, I haven’t sat on in other teachers’ classes for quite some years…. Today’s seminar has given me lots of inspirations,” Xu Muxun said.

    Prof. Duan Yugang, vice dean of School of Mechanical Engineering, hosted the seminar and stated that the seminar was designed to be a platform for communication between junior and senior teachers. He also said that with coaching from senior teachers and free discussion of teaching methods, young teachers would make faster progress and the overall teaching quality would be guaranteed.

    In his wrap-up speech, Prof. Bao Chonggao, vice director of TTDC, spoke highly of the innovative combination of trial lecture and demo lecture in teaching seminars and said in order to improve teaching quality of basic courses, TTDC would work with other schools and launch similar activities.